One of the Kind Program in the World

Victor Baryshevtsev - created a unique training program for hockey players "Mastery of Body Language".

Years of experience training athletes in conjunction with the skill of the actor (Victor was a member of the USSR Olympic team in figure skating, ice theater soloist "All Stars" under the leadership of the illustrious disciple Tatiana Tarasova Anatolevny soloist "Disney on Ice") allowed the development of special exercises for hockey players, perfecting the mastery of the body, the use of body language in game situations, teaching acting. Moreover, to reach that one, great hockey players, on an intuitive level through natural talent, you can teach! Moreover, the earlier we start, the better result is achieved.

To date, Victor not only the developer , but the only hockey coach in the world, owning this procedure.

Camp Overview

The Russian Hockey School, with its highly trained staff, utilizes proven International training techniques that have helped develop some of the most highly skilled hockey players in the sport world.

New RHS Program New RHS Program

At RHS, the development of a solid overall hockey player is the focus, not just the players skill development. In our intense training program skating technique, puck control, shooting skills, accuracy, edge control and transition skills are just the beginning. At RHS, the development of the COMPLETE Hockey Player also includes emphasis on team communication - on and off the ice, team tactics & strategies and the importance of team chemistry.



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Typical Day at Camp

Each week players will be divided into 2-3 groups based on age and/or skill level. Sample Itinerary:

  Group I Group I
8:30am Arrival Arrival
9:00 - 10:20 On Ice Off Ice
10:30 - 11:50 Off Ice On Ice
12:00 - 12:45 Lunch Lunch
1:00 - 2:00 On Ice Off Ice
2:00 - 3:00 Off Ice On Ice
3:00 Depart Depart
What to Expect & What is Expected

Each player is evaluated the first day and re-evaluated at weeks end. Coaches confer during the week and assemble at weeks end to discuss each players progress and experience. RHS takes the individual players as well as the overall groups development very seriously.

Players should arrive committed to improving their physical AND mental approach to the game. This can only be accomplished in the proper environment. As such, RHS demands proper discipline and respectful behavior towards other players & coaches. RHS reserves the right to dismiss any player who does not follow this and all other camp rules and regulations.

Goalie Instruction

Goal tending instruction will be provided at every camp. The focus will be on strengthening fundamental skills and concepts such as: stance, positioning, and save awareness. There will also be an intense off ice program including: plyometrics, slide board and eye-hand coordination drills. Video will be used through out the camp to analyze techniques and chart improvement from beginning to end.